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Site usage question...

The new site looks great, and it's wonderful to see LtU so fast, but I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm not sure how others generally use the site, but my m.o. has always been to read each comment that gets posted, in sequential order, and use my browser history (colored links) to tell me which ones I haven't seen. (For the record, I like mailing lists and dislike web forums, and this is the method that makes LtU act as much as possible like an email list.)

So, literally the only index page on LtU1 that I ever looked at was this one. I can't find a page like that on the new site! So I've been digging around trying to find the equivalent, but I'm concerned there's just no such thing. Does anyone have any recommendations? How do you guys use the site?

Theme previews

The themes are a very nice touch, but switching between them is kind of heavyweight right now. Would it be possible to have previews of the homepage with each theme applied?

The site discussions forum

The site discussions forum is intended for disucussion about the site and its functionality.

You can use it to make sure you understand the mechanics of posting on LtU2.

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