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Parsing expression grammar

hello everyone

In few days Iam Keep intersting of Parsing expression grammar and I have read and study about it but ineed to full reference for it so if any one could give me name of areferences Iwill be very glad to him

Best wishes

Forum Topics and Story

Hi Elder Citizens of LtU,

I'm a new user to LtU. I noticed that there are two types of posts in LtU: the Forum Topics and the Story. At the moment, I can only see the link to post new forum topics, but I don't see the link to post a story.

Is it because I'm a new user? What are the criteria for a user to be qualified to post a Story?

I looked throw the FAQ and many other documents on the site. But not able to found any guideline on this issue.

RSS feed broken?

The XML link on the main navigation seems to be invalid. Here's the output from w3c's feed validator:

what platform is LtU built on?


I've been pulling together a web site, somewhat inspired by LtU, focused on network protocol issues. I really like the way LtU is organized, and Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that, I wonder if somebody can illuminate me about the platform that LtU is built on (looks like Drupal), modules in use, themes, and so forth? (I can't seem to find any kind of description document buried on the site.)

Thanks very much,

Miles Fidelman

Standard RSR5 code repository

Hi I am trying to find a code repository of strictly standard RSR5 open source applications for use with testing an interpreter I am working on. Is there are such repository out there?

Can't search for C#, F#, etc.

The search engine can't handle the # character. Maybe there is an escape character, but in that case I don't know about it.

Forum "Unread Posts" bug

This will probably not happen too often, but scottmcl's threads seem to have a habit of going over 200 replies (;-)), and thus requiring multiple pages of HTML to display. When you click on 'next page', new replies do not have the * dot.

This is a bug related to a context between pagination settings and visiting a thread. The software assumes if you view a thread, then only the most recent * are unmarked on the next view. It does not take into account pagination.

Spam filters

Accounts spamming many stories with posts containing exactly the same URLs, such as the recent Yeezy shoes spam, are very easy to filter. Is this really so hard to do with the current Drupal set-up?

Steve Kemp has an XML-RPC-based, centralised comment spam detection service that works very well for the Debian sites. Could that be used here?

Cf. old discussions on dealing with spam?, which has Ehud's objection to filters; and SPAM reports, which describes the Anton spam-monitoring daemon. It's been a year since the last site discussion topic dealing with spam, so the topic might be due for revisiting.

broken - iPhone PL lockdown

The "iPhone PL lockdown" topic is listed in active forum topics, but when clicked I get "Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page."

Edit: changed title to not conflict with the actual topic.

jsMath support?


Would it be possible to add support for jsMath to the LtU install? It would be nice to be able to put some \Gamma, \tau and \vdash into posts and comments....

XML feed