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My father passed away Thursday night.

I will be away for at least a week.

Please keep LtU for me while I am away.

OO Programming Styles in ML

OO Programming Styles in ML, Bernard Berthomieu.

It is shown that the essential OO concepts and idioms, including inheritance and dynamic dispatch, can be encoded in this well understood framework, without requiring any operational or typing extensions of ML...

[The encodings] do not rely on subtyping and subsumption, but on an encoding of inheritance polymorphism into paramteric polymorphism.

This isn't new (it is dated March 2000), but seems interesting.

The ML module language put to good use!

Thanks Henry!

Edublog Awards

Do you think LtU deserves to get an Edublog Award (recall I started LtU when designing an EOPL course and that quite a few around here are graduate students)?

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Quick update

Due to family health problems I am away from my computer most of time, and not reading PL papers.

I'd appreciate it if the other editors take up the slack...

Where is everyone?

Editors, are you all still tired because of the election?

I'm feeling lonely around here.

Busy, busy

We are on holiday (it's the Jewish new year), and on top of that there are some problems at work, that may mean looking for a new job soon.

Hence my lack of posts.

I am sure others will fill in.

Use real names

For some reason many new LtU members choose not reveal their real names. This makes the site less friendly in my opinion, and perhaps even discourages discussion.

I urge people to use their real names, unless they think there's good reason not to, in which case do what you think is best.


What's up guys?

LtU is becoming boring. Editors are urged to post ineteresting stuff. I can't do it alone.

More specifically. it has beeen awhile since we had any new items in the OOP, LP, and meta-programming departments.


I'll be away from my computer until Wednesday. Editors are urged to keep the good bits flowing.

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