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I know the type system discussion is taking its toll, but I am sure things would be more interesting around here if we had more news items.

So all you editors out there: How about sharing?

New feature

If you look carefully you'll see that items on the home page now have an "other blogs" link along with the comment link, department link etc.

The "other blogs" link invokes a Technorati search which hopefully shows all blogs referencing the LtU item (if there are any).

Thanks, Anton!

Routine Maintenance

Later today we are going to do some routine maintenance. During this period posting new
item may be disabled. If all goes well, the the time window in which posting is disabled is going to be short.

What's up guys?

So I am busy a couple of days, and not one editor manages to post something new? I am disappointed...

Maybe it's time we recruited some more contributing editors. If you are a regular and want to join, let me know.


LtU friends are readers who have us on their blogrolls are encouraged to change the URL to point to our new location.


Editors Ahoy!

It would be nice to know if all the contributing editors survived the relocation...

Best way to prove you are still with us is to post something!

If you encounter any difficulties, let me know.

The orientation message

The orientation message was becoming annoying so I removed it from the top of the home page.

It can be found via the FAQ link on the left.

Welcome to the New, Improved LtU!

Welcome the the new LtU (LtU2, or LtU-TNG). Not only are we at a different location we are also running on a new software platform, so there are quite a few technical changes from the old site, the most important of which I'll try to address in this post.

Before going into these details I want to express my heart felt gratitude to all those who offered to help with this migration, and especially those that helped set up the current site.

First and foremost, Anton van Straaten. Anton offered to host LtU. Not only that, he helped choose the software to run the site (Drupal), installed it, and did most of the configuration work. Without him, I am not sure if I could have pulled this off. Not only did he do all this, but he made the process enjoyable and tried to help in every possible way.

Chris Rathman has been our archiver from the early days of LtU, creating his useful index pages. His archive of LtU messages is now accessible via this site, and will be our main archive until we manage to find a way to migrate the old content to Drupal. Note: The archive page is quite large (600K).

Gordon Weakliem helped us convert the Manila user data.

Chris, Anton, and Gordon, thanks!

Now for some details about the new site.

We made every effort to migrate the LtU members list to the new site.

Since we didn't copy passwords from the old site, you need to reactivate your account by entering your name (as it appears in the LtU database) and clicking "Request new password." A new password will be emailed to your email address.

If this process is problematic (e.g., you email address we use is invalid, you don't remember the user name you chose etc.) you can simply create a new account.

In some rare cases, you may get a messages saying "Sorry. The e-mail address x@xxx is not recognized". In that case, you can create a new account, or email with the account name you're trying to activate, and the email address you want to use.

Home page items are called stories and can be published by contributing editors only. The forum (click "discussions" on the left hand navigation bar) can be used by any registered member like before.

To see a combined list of all new items on the site use the "Recent Posts" link. I suggest bookmarking it.

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