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Forum topicSite migration Anton van Straaten2018-03-12 12:02
Forum topicMark – A simple and unified notation for both object and markup data Henry Luo2018-02-07 09:55
Forum topic2 Misconcepts About Functional Programming (relating to context and monad) Henry Luo2011-12-25 09:35
Forum topicXtend. Yet another "better Java" language; this time from Eclipse. Built with Xtext. Kannan Goundan2011-11-25 21:06
Forum topicCandle 0.10 Beta Release - introducing a new object notation Henry Luo2011-11-25 02:10
Forum topicForum Topics and Story Henry Luo2011-09-24 17:53
Forum topicCandle - a new script language that unifies XML technologies Henry Luo2011-08-24 00:46