Ross Angle

Personal information

I strongly favor reusable code, and I go to great lengths to maximize this: I do a lot of thinking (and some doing) about modular and extensible language design, and I use the browser as a platform simply because of how unusual it is for a device to not have one nowadays. Hence I'm currently a JavaScript-heavy programmer who laments the poor modularity of JavaScript. :)

After some hobby dabbling in BASIC, C, and JavaScript, already designing languages in my spare time, I was finally formally introduced to programming in Java. I worked my way up into the more dynamic Groovy and Arc, where DSLs and macros finally let me explore the language design space in a much more hands-on way. Yet it turns out I've been able to back-port my programming style to JavaScript, a platform that's easy to tinker with wherever I go.

David Barbour's RDP model and his surrounding philosophy for it strikes me as the most promising vision for program reuse. Meanwhile, my pursuit of modularity gives me much respect for static type systems that help specify stable API boundaries, even if I don't yet apply type systems much in practice.

I have a BA in Math (minor in CS) from Linfield College. I'm looking for a graduate program that really meshes well with my goals and side-interests, and until then I'm having a blast getting paid. :)

Reusable programming (and reusable creative output in general), comedy anime, the fourth wall, emergent storytelling, tabletop game rule engines, reverse engineering, semantic annotation of media.


12 years 28 weeks