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Forum topicmodus_ponens, a library to develop inference engines. Enrique Perez Arnaud2020-05-18 19:41
Forum topicA production rule system matching algorithm with match cost logarithmic wrt the size of the knowledge base (rules + facts) Enrique Perez Arnaud2019-08-06 15:55
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Forum topicThe question of the possibility of a simple formal foundation to the natural languages. Enrique Perez Arnaud2017-08-16 01:24
Forum topicFinding Solutions vs. Verifying Solutions Ivan V.2017-05-29 18:23
Forum topicA refutation of Gödel's first incompleteness theorem Enrique Perez Arnaud2017-05-25 18:11
Forum topicLogic Production Systems (LPS) Neil Madden2017-03-27 18:13
Forum topicThe theory behind the Terms language Enrique Perez Arnaud2014-03-30 21:13
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