Personal information

Richard Alexander Green
is a software engineer and a generalist.
writes software in Java (using Eclipse), Erlang, and Smalltalk.
edits the Eclectic Cognito webzine.
invents the Hum Programming Framework
writes opereta Here Come the Valkaries

Essays on Software
- Inventing The Next Business Programming Language. (PDF)
- Directed Evolution for Business Automation (PDF)
Presentations (Slides):
- Agile SOA – Agile EAI (PPT)
- Practical Ontologies for Enterprise Data Management (PDF)
- Zen and Enterprise Architecture - Beginner’s Mind (PDF)

I am inventing a future-oriented business programming language.
The current name is "Hum" (it is not an acronym).
It enables programs to be written in an almost free-form syntax basen on written English norms.


7 years 35 weeks