Jayson Minard

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I am a senior resource that brings together the technology and business worlds. I have a range of experience from small software companies and Internet startups to large global software and internet companies. I have a reputation for going after the tough tasks, the hard goals, and accomplishing what the business needs to thrive.

Contact: http://www.jaysonminard.com (linkedIn)


Search -- small to large scale (billion+) and complex search systems in Solr, ElasticSearch, and SenseiDB.

Linguistics -- building my skill set in computational linguistics, NLP, RDF and open-data, pragmatic uses, disambiguation, recommendations, predicting someone's next thought.

Big data developer -- ingesting and crunching 10 tons of data. Specializing in application scalability and performance, and variable computing on grid/cloud architectures. Less about Hadoop and more about the entire lifecycle of data.

Emerging technologist -- Working with cutting edge open-source, NoSQL and just about anything.

Technology Miracles.


12 years 46 weeks