Mark Dalgarno

Personal information

I started programming with an Apple II, brought into my school by a sympathetic teacher. I got the bug then and continued to study CS at university. I started work in 1987 and have been programming ever since.

At my first job I worked with Common Lisp on Symbolics workstations. My first experience of code generation was at the Lisp macro level and I've been a keen advocate of code generation ever since.

In 2004 I formed Software Acumen as a specialist provider of Software Product Line tools and services. Code generation or transformation is a key technique in Software Product Line development. There's more on this at The Variation Point where I write (mainly) on software.

In my spare time is co-organise meetings of the British Computer Society Software Practice Advancement group in Cambridge.

Software Product Lines, Code Generation, Software Architecture, Software Processes, Lisp


17 years 14 weeks