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DM STAT-1 Consulting's Founder and President Bruce Ratner, Ph.D. has made the company the ensample for Statistical Modeling & Analysis and Data Mining in Direct & Database Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, and Information Technology. DM STAT-1 specializes in the full range of standard statistical techniques, and methods using hybrid statistics-machine learning algorithms, such as its patented GenIQ Model© Data Mining, Modeling & Analysis Software, to achieve its Clients' Goals - across industries of Banking, Insurance, Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Publication & Circulation, Mass & Direct Advertising, Catalog Marketing, Online Marketing, Web-mining, B2B, Human Capital Management, Risk Management, and Nonprofit Fundraising. Bruce’s par excellence consulting expertise is clearly apparent as he wrote the best-selling book Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Database Marketing: Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data. (based on Amazon Sales Rank).

I am a Ph.D. statistician (with no formal GP training) with a perfervid desire for upgrading "old" statistics,
which was formulated within the small-data setting of the day over 200 years ago, to accommodate today's big data via hybrid GP-statisitcs models.

Now, my question of long standing in my head without an answer, if you please.I was told several years ago by a University of Chicago assistant professor, who was on the board of doctoral students in GAs/GPs,
that the GA paradigm can be extended into the GP paradigm. Is this true?
If so, I would appreciate a path-of-least resistance reply from you: a reference, or a quick blurb from you.



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