Tim May

Personal information

tcmay@att.net, tim@functor.org

Corralitos, California

Born in 1951 in U.S. Physics major. Joined Intel in 1974. Worked on dynamic RAMs, including single event effects (alpha particles, cosmic rays). Image processing, then nascent AI project. After leaving Intel in 1986, pursued personal interests. Mainly implications of strong cryptography. Co-founded Cypherpunks in 1992.

Haskell. Functional programming in general. Saul Kripke, possible worlds semantics, category theory. Bogged down in topos theory.... Very interested in "logic of observables" a la Abramsky, Vickers, Escardo, and connections between topology and logic and Bayes.

Lesser interest in parts of quantum mechanics, esp. interpretations. Trying to understand relation of QM to logic to work of Isham, Butterfield, et. al.

Thought the "grand thread" a few years ago with Frank Attanassow debating type theory was one of the most interesting threads ever, anyplace. Sorry to see it no longer here.


17 years 5 weeks