Ed Earl Ross

Personal information

BSEE, Retired
Programmed, mostly on mainframes, starting 1969, using Fortran, Lisp, Assembler (IBM1620, SDS930, IBM360, and others), Symbal (symbolic manipulation), Algol Extended, Pascal, C, COBOL, APL, Rexx, and others. I have done a tiny bit of OOP, but no pure functional languages, In all, I have used about two dozen languages, half assembler.

IDEs used: Turbo Pascal, Visual Studio, Emacs, and Geany.

Prefer data flow diagrams for design with functional decomposition, and once had the opportunity to use a data flow analysis CASE tool, but I cannot remember its name.

An imperative adaptive grammar, macro language with meta processing, an object base, and partial evaluation.


17 years 11 weeks