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my Math and Computer Science bio sketch is linked to from the given Math page of my 15,000,000 hit/year domain.

Indicated by my B.S. Math from Caltech (1968), B.S. English from Caltech (1968), my M.S. (Computer & Information Science) with thesis on Parallel Automated Theorem Proving from U.Mass./Amherst (1975), and my Ph.D. dissertation "Molecular Cybernetics" at U.Mass (1977) on what's nhow called nanotechnology and Artificial Life. Also, my hundreds of publications in Science Fiction, Poetry, Music criticism... and my having been elected to two Town Councils in 2 States of the USA. My wife's a Physics professor. Our son started university at age thirteen, has double B.S. in Math and Computer Science, and is roughly halfway through a top-10 Law School, for Intellectual property (software patents and the like).


15 years 39 weeks