Dale Schumacher

Personal information

My professional background, and technical interests, lie in various fields of computer science and engineering. Starting in the early 1980's, I've worked in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer languages, operating systems, embedded systems, parallel and distributed applications, enterprise scalability, system modeling, object-oriented analysis and design, and what is now called agile software development methods. I am currently very interested in computational models, especially the actor model, and their areas of applicability. I would like to contribute to the realization of computers-based tools that extend, rather than impede, human capability. To this end I am interested in enhancing accessibility and education regarding the application of technology to enhance human existence.

Coming from a liberal arts education emphasizing philosophy, my interests include calligraphy, digital typography, visual arts, photography, cinema, music, eastern spiritual traditions, "soft" martial arts such as T'ai Chi, dog training and developing a greater appreciation for culinary variety.


9 years 24 weeks