Ray Dillinger

Personal information

My background is mostly software QA and Natural-language processing. I got a couple of patents for a way to disambiguate pronouns in free text and autogeneration of queryable content from parsing free text. These days I work on independent projects and have an actual job doing something else. I coordinated the IEEE1148 (standardization of the Scheme programming language) committee.

Programming languages (Obviously) and Natural languages. I work sometimes on a hobby lisp implementation, with the goal of developing a language able to concisely and usefully express, optimize, and prove things about programs using MANY different programming paradigms.

It has an interesting function semantics that eliminates the distinction between functions and macros and allows (inefficient) runtime macro definition, while preserving compiled efficiency (via partial evaluation of function definitons) in the cases that are now possible in compiled lisps such as Scheme and Common Lisp. If I ever finish it to my own satisfaction I will probably write a paper about it.


14 years 44 weeks