Mark H Harris

Personal information

United States


Following a 25 year career with IBM as a Staff Software Engineer at Rochester MN (1977 - 2002), I completed a BA in Theology from Minnesota Bible College (Major: Bible&Theology, Pastoral Leadership; Minor: Biblical & Classical Languages); currently pursuing MA in Theological Studies /MDiv, at Bethel Seminary. I continue to pursue interests in computer science and systems automation.

I am an active outdoors person; sailing, kayaking, hiking &fishing, and traveling. Reading is a favorite endeavor (all genres) especially theology (Bible), poetry, history, mathematics /math history, and computer science (particularly language, systems design, systems automation). Since late 1998 I have been an advocate of open source software &design, am an avid Gnu/Linux user (although I love my Mac Mini also...), and I actively participate in multiple Gnu/Linux forums on the net. My hobbies include playing the piano, music composition, midi music, synthesizer studies, and the flute.


14 years 36 weeks