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Forum topicPaper on ParaSail published in <Programming> journal V3.3; new release also available sttaft2019-02-10 19:01
Forum topicLooking for papers on covariance and contravariance AaronNGray2019-02-10 18:33
Forum topicCfP for ACM High Integrity Language Technology conference (HILT 2014) -- due June 7th, co-located with SPLASH/OOPSLA sttaft2014-05-22 14:24
Forum topicCFP: ACM High Integrity Language Technology (HILT 2013) due July 6th; conference in Pittsburgh Nov. 10-14 sttaft2013-07-02 17:36
Forum topicPointer-Free Parallel Programming sttaft2013-01-11 15:58
Forum topicBarbara Liskov, Greg Morrisett, Guy Steele keynoting ACM conference on High Integrity Language Technology in Boston, Dec. 2012 sttaft2012-11-02 15:03
Forum topicParaSail, a new language oriented toward parallelism and verification sttaft2012-07-02 16:41