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- I learned LISP with Cambridge Lisp on an Atari in the 80ies, wrote a multitasking GUI for it, as I was totally flashed when seeing a real LISP machine for the first time...
- implemented SECD machines in Pascal and Assembler for my then linguistics professor
- implemented a massive-parallel combinator-graph reduction engine in my CS thesis in SML, implementations in C++ and Java followed
- Working as a software engineer since the late 90ies,
- lead architect of Apache OJB, co-founder of the subproject,
- started to play around with functional programming again about two years ago.
- I started, a Java / Lisp hybrid, providing concepts from functional programming to the Java Platform when there were not Lambdas available yet...
- In recent years I'm mostly working with Haskell

functional and objectoriented languages,
implementation techniques for functional languages,
LISP machines
Meta level architectures


13 years 16 weeks