Restructor: Full Program Automatic Refactoring

Wrote up a description of some personal research I did 2005-2010:

This algorithm will take an arbitrary program (including side effects) and refactor (create and inline functions) until the code contains no more under-abstraction (copy paste code) or over-abstraction. It is an implementation of code-compression: it finds a set of functions representing your code such that the total AST nodes are minimized.

I had originally intended this as a new way of programming, where you could modify your code using copy paste to your hearts content, and leave the annoying work of abstraction to the computer. I now realize that is a bit naive, and note some reasons why this may not be ideal on the page above. Still, an interesting idea that I've not seen before, would love to hear y'alls expert opinions :)

For reference, I posted about this idea on LTU in 2004 under the topic "abstractionless programming".