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started 11/28/2001; 12:32:17 PM - last post 11/28/2001; 12:32:17 PM
Ehud Lamm - JRockit  blueArrow
11/28/2001; 12:32:17 PM (reads: 1639, responses: 0)
JRockit is a family of superior Virtual Machines for server-side Java that can be integrated, optimized and independently configured and managed for their unique operating environments.

This trend of more and more Java VMs and native compilers is starting to be boring, but at least its a chance to compare various design decisions.

Jrockit comes with a variey of garbage collectors. You can also check this list for other distinguishing features.

Posted to implementation by Ehud Lamm on 11/28/01; 12:37:14 PM