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started 7/7/2003; 8:36:12 AM - last post 7/8/2003; 11:24:43 AM
Chris Rathman - JOVIAL References  blueArrow
7/7/2003; 8:36:12 AM (reads: 1737, responses: 3)
JOVIAL References
Last time JOVIAL was mentioned on LtU, we couldn't find much in the way of references or code that was available on the web.

The U. Bath site has some background info on JOVIAL as well as links to additional JOVIAL resources. For those interested in the language the J73-C Reference Manual should be more than enuf to satisfy their curiosity.
Posted to history by Chris Rathman on 7/7/03; 8:37:23 AM

Ethan Aubin - Re: JOVIAL References  blueArrow
7/7/2003; 9:09:18 AM (reads: 588, responses: 0)
Very nice! I wish I had seen this a couples months ago. I work at a defense contractor and recently had to port some old Jovial code to C.

There are bits of Jovial floating around all over the place in legacy projects and old requirements documents. I've even seen the port of one algoritm ported from Jovial->Ada->C->Java.

Laurence Parry - Re: JOVIAL References  blueArrow
7/8/2003; 11:23:05 AM (reads: 485, responses: 1)
Goodness, I'm surprised to see that turn up here. I must say, I never thought our second-year History of Programming Languages coursework would find its way onto Google, let alone be useful to people. :-)

Ehud Lamm - Re: JOVIAL References  blueArrow
7/8/2003; 11:24:43 AM (reads: 521, responses: 0)
I don't think any LtU regular is actually using Jovial. We simply enjoy the history of programming languages. We are like that around here. Get on with the program