Departments in need...

Some of our departments receive less attention than others. This has got to stop!

In the spirit of affirmative action, here are two departments that deserve more attention (and more new items) than they currently get:

The Logic/Declarative dept. dedicated to Prolog and other logic programming languages, as well as to other forms of declarative programming (e.g., DSLs, constraints solving etc.). It also deals with all kinds of theory regarding these issues and implementation strategies.

The second department I want to highlight is the history dept. dedicated to items about the history of programming languages, and sometimes even to items about the history of programming and CS in general.

If you are a contributing editor, consider helping these departments by posting new items to them. If you are LtU regular with interest in these fields, how about signing up as a contributing editor and helping out?

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history dept

I'll volunteer to contribute to the history dept, though I'm likely to favor stuff I know about, and practical over theoretical fare. Still, since I started casually studying programming language history back in the 80's, I can at least guarantee my perspective will go back before the internet boom. :-)

[ I was immediately interested in writing compilers when I learned C in the early 80's, and tended to look at every book on the topic for years when I went into new and used book stores. So after I while I wasn't completely ignorant any more. I wrote a recursive descent parser for a 3D wire frame modeling language for generating stereoscopic images.

I don't think it was very interesting in retrospect. But it was really interesting to observe the psychology of folks who viewed the stereoscopic images, since it was based on a technique requiring some voluntary control over one's vision, not unlike the posters you find now and then. No one was ever able to do it in less than 30 seconds the first time, so the folks who feigned to see the result in less than a second were revealed as casual liars. :-) Sorry, this has nothing to do with PL history. ]

I'll volunteer to contribute

I'll volunteer to contribute to the history dept

Thus becoming a contributing editor, right? Just checking... Email me.

History dept.

I'd also like to contribute to the history dept. I've been interested in the history of programming languages and computing in general for a long time, and I'd be happy to throw the things I find at the LtU history dept.

However, I can't seem to find your email... Am I disqualified for being dumb and inattentive now?

No, just chastised for not exploring

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