Lang .NET Symposium Registration Now Open

The day of the beast has passed without any noticeable effect; Bill Gates has announced his retirement and the Microsoft stock actually goes up. The coast  finally seems safe for another post on the Lang .NET symposium!

Registration for this heavily debated event is now open. I believe that we have a very interesting set of non-Microsoft invited speakers including Gilad Bracha from Sun, William Cook from UT Austin, John Gough from QUT, Miguel de Icaza from Novel, and Shriram Krishnamurthi from Brown; Microsoft folks including Mike Barnett, Gary Flake, Jim Hugunin, Polita Paulus, Don Syme, and Paul Vick; and a fine line-up of submitted papers.

Hope to see you all in Redmond this August!

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We have Boo and Nemerle

And NET 2.0 will be bytecode compatible, unlike Dolphin

As far as i see it, Sun is, once again, behind.

but the real question

Can we have the universal ?

What's going to be online?

What's going to be online? The papers (hopefully)? The presenations (video)? Audio?