Breaking the Abstraction Ceiling

Programing Languiges like: ruby, (lisp/scheme), smalltalk, dylan, ect.; do not limit your expressivenes by removing features like Dynamic Typeing, Lambda, Higher Order Functions. whereas languiges digsinged for DOLTS like: Java; artifisaly limit your expressivenes by Weak Static Typeing System, Lack of lambda, lack of ability to pass in functions. As programing languiges inch towrds lisp, the Abstraction ceeling of an avreage languige gets higher and higher.

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Personally, I've been translating the examples of SICP into a number of languages. I find that there are challenges for all the different languages in terms of expressing the Scheme code whether the language is static or dynamic.

What i am saying is this

What i am saying is this; there are two classes of programing languiges

1: Languiges for smart peple
These languguiges do not artifisaly limit expresiveness
2: Languiges for DOLTS
These languiges artifisaly limit expresiveness

The first catigory are always more powerful than the latter. i mean C is not powerful but it is portable asm. for example java artifisaly limits expresiveness by not having these features

A: Ability to pass in functions
B: higher order functions or smalltalk style blocks
C: Lack of ability to Define your own controll constructs.
D: Lack of ability to write DSL's
E: Bad Type System

And it is not digsined for Low Level stuff ether. it is digsingnd for DOLTS.


Whether it is flamebait or...

...general philosophical question, it is off topic on LtU. Generalizations about programming languages are frowned upon. And if you think calling Java programmers DOLTS is not flamebait, then I suggest you need to seriously adjust your compass.

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