The work of Atsushi Ohori

I mentioned this somewhat passingly a few years ago. So not to make the same mistake again, I'm reposting this as a top-level post (and with current links).

His list of publications and the recent ones. Some relatively recent work by him discussed on LtU is here.

The ones I want to highlight in particular are his applications of the Curry-Howard correspondence to machine code generation and such topics.

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The work of Kenichi Asai

More pllab Japanese Computer Scientist stuff. I first mentioned some of his work here. Lots of interesting papers on delimited continuations and behaviourally reflective languages, including some new stuff that looks interesting.

"On Typing Delimited Continuations: Three New Solutions to the Printf Problem", Danvy's "Functional Unparsing" in direct style. A very short and sweet paper.

Genuine shift/reset in Haskell98

An Oleg post to the Haskell mailing list about the ideas behind the last paper I referenced above plus implementation.