Reconstructing Abstractions

I am interested in constructing higher-order functions (e.g. map/filter/fold) from stack-based byte-code generated from non-functional languages (like Java), where most things are expressed in for-loops. I am wondering what keywords would lead me to related work and if anyone knows some good papers to start with?

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If the abstractions you want to reconstruct include functional abstractions, then check out refunctionalization.

Atsushi Ohori

A recent post of mine discusses the work of Atsushi Ohori. One of the things he has done is Proof-Directed De-compilation of Low-Level Code (PDF) where Java bytecode was used as the example. It decompiles into lambda terms, but I'm not sure how high-level the result is. If nothing else, it should become a simpler problem.

program transformation

Hi Christopher,

I would start here. There has been a lot of work on translating assembly language to 3GLs. Martin Ward's FermaT is a freely available program transformation engine that is quite powerful. It should meet your requirements.

Much appreciated

These are all excellent links and directions. It is exactly what I was hoping for. Strangely enough I managed to overlook the fact that what I am looking to do is a kind of decompilation, even though I am not going to the original source. Thank you all very much!