PL Related Blogs

Chris Okasaki's post '10 Years of Purely Functional Data Structures' reminds me that there have been quite a few links to blogs on LtU over the last few years, e.g. Philip Wadler's blog, Joe Armstrong's blog, Jacob Matthew'sblog, the PLT Scheme blog, etc.

Could we add a page collecting links to these and other PL related blogs?

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One of my favorite is A

One of my favorite is A Neighborhood of Infinity


whenever I need to reinstate my humility, a few paragraphs of that'll do just fine

Related blogs

Could we add a page collecting links to these and other PL related blogs?

See the Related Weblogs page. There's actually a link to it at the bottom of each page (carefully hidden in plain sight), which reads "(more)". But the page could use some updating...

A few more

Gosling's blog

has nothing to do w/ languages...

Bracha's blogs would be better.

Genau, Room 101 by Gilad


1. Please annotate your

1. Please annotate your suggestions guys, when the title of the blog is not self-explanatory.
2. When we have a wiki, the related blog page is going to be one of the first pages there ;-)

OCaml blog

This planet is about OCaml news (including OCaml forge new projects)

Cliff Click as

and even though not a blog

Collecting all PL related tweeple would be nice as well—mebbe there are already such twitter lists out there?

New F# blog: 2#4u (too sharp for you)

Welcome to 2#4u (too sharp for you), the blog for and about learning F#. I am posting here my personal lessons of learning F# on Mono, hoping it may help others learning this expressive and succinct programming language.