Help me find a paper please?

There's a paper I would like to find... I can't get the right incantation in google.

I think it was a relatively recent thesis, like within the last 10 years... I can't remember if it was phd or master's, and I'm only 70% sure it was 'officialy' marked a thesis in the first place.

The main idea was extensible compilation.
A sexpr language was used/implemented for examples.

One specific concept that resonated with me was that APIs like OpenGL that require a specific protocol of function calls are making their own DSL/VM. By coding to this protocol/VM, you are essentially "manually compiling", with all the inefficiency and risk of error that entails, and there should be a better solution. I specifically remember the wording "manual compilation" pertaining to APIs being in the paper.

I lost a hard drive and I can't re-find this paper, please help :/

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I believe you're looking for

I believe you're looking for Meta-Compilation of Language Abstractions. It uses an sexpr language to compile domain-specific abstractions. Also related is Active Libraries.

This is it. Thank you so

This is it. Thank you so much!