jsMath support?


Would it be possible to add support for jsMath to the LtU install? It would be nice to be able to put some \Gamma, \tau and \vdash into posts and comments....

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In the meantime, you can easily write Γ ⊢ τ : κ in HTML.

This is a good idea. We

This is a good idea. We should take it under advisement.

There appears...

Shameless Plug

I use jsMath (trivially, so far) in my blog. I love it!


MathJax is extraordinarily easy to incorporate into the site. Sites like cstheory.stackexchange.com use it, and it has the support of the AMS.

MathJax is supported since 2014

In case someone would end up on the present thread and wonder, MathJax support has been implemented (by Anton I suppose) in 2014.