Scratch jr

Scratch jr is an iPad version of the Scratch environment, designed with young kids in mind. It is the best kid-oriented programming tool I tried so far, and my five year old has great fun making "movies" with it. As I noted on twitter an hour after installing, the ability to record your own voice and use it for your sprites is a killer feature. Check it out!

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A helpful link: ScratchJr.

Thanks. I added the link.

Thanks. I added the link. The irony is that I didn't include it since I posted from the iPad, and I hate copying/pasting etc. on the iPad.

Android version is supposed to be coming too

According to their about page (and Kickstarter) they should be releasing an Android version sometime later in 2014.

Which is good news, since it means I don't have to buy a couple of iPads.


Hopscotch is another programming environment for kids on the iPad. There is a commercial angle to it since it has in-app purchases. The programming model is a bit awkward since there are no conditionals so you have to find some work-around like causing some event such as a collision to create conditional situations. least from what I've seen.. My son could tell you more..

See here.

See here.