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I suspect that it's against forum etiquette to post job ads here. Does anyone have any suggestions? We'd like to find somebody interested in type theory, compilers, and finance.

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maybe make PL topic primary? with a job ad footnote?

A main goal might be to stay roughly on PL (programming language) topic in discussions. While unsure, I suspect it's okay to append a note-we-are-hiring clause to a new discussion that is somehow about a PL topic in general. A litmus test might be whether you can discuss a general idea, but not the job. Say you have a position where PL tech happens to be important, for reasons of PL interest, such as "this PL angle is especially applicable to this industry application context." If your post is about both (a) some interesting use of PL, and (b) how it relates to a job opening, then folks might discuss (a) by itself, especially if you can expand on the general idea part when asked.

A job ad becomes stale over time when opportunity passes. It would be kind of uncool to accumulate dead job ads as stale site detritus, or to attract pings from job seekers. I guess that's why I'd expect an official policy statement. You might want to emphasize remarks about a job per se ought to go elsewhere, to a provided point of contact. Maybe a site admin can clarify.


Ehud's comment in this thread gives some guidance:

If an established member thinks a job opening is of particular interest to the LtU community they can post it. Non-regulars, or members that have doubts about the appropriateness of particular job announcement can ask me by email for advice before posting.

I emphasized "of particular interest" above because using e.g. programming language or type theory knowledge as a filter to find good developers for ordinary commercial positions would really not be appropriate here, not least because that would likely result in a deluge of such posts.

However, a position that actually involves working on programming languages in some way seems potentially of particular interest to LtU readers.

So if the person "interested in type theory, compilers, and finance" will actually be working on type theory and compilers, I'd say post by all means.

Like language design, deciding whether a post is appropriate for LtU is not an exact science.


Yes, the job is specifically a compiler project for a major financial company where a working knowledge of "modern" programming languages and type systems is necessary.

I am a regular, if not especially vocal, member of LtU. I will construct a new post with some more detail. :)