Seeking candidates to work on a custom compiler/language in NYC


Following up on this post suggesting that this would be a reasonable request to post ...

I am looking for candidates who would be interested in working on a JIT compiler for a custom Haskell-like programming language for a major investment bank in NYC. The project is still young, just under two years since inception, but is already actively used by several major trading applications. We use LLVM/MCJIT as a back-end and we produce code that can be integrated with C++ applications.

Our general mandate is to solve problems in the trading domain as safely, concisely, and efficiently as possible. There is significant support behind this effort; it's an unusual opportunity to bring recent ideas in programming languages to an immediate industry setting.

If you are interested in this project, and you have some experience writing compilers for functional programming languages with type systems similar to Haskell, please send an email to kthielen at gmail dot com.

Thank you.

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I recently learned that

I recently learned that Robert Grimm left NYU to join Goldman Sachs. PL researchers in the financial industry...not just for physicists anymore.


talks. (perhaps unfortunately.)