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Programming languages may be viewed from many different angles. One can study the historical development of various programming languages and paradigm, as well as try to formalize and reason about them theoretically; one can consider languages as wholes, but others prefer to examine specific language features.

Trying to cater to all these points of view is quite difficult; many postings still appear in the general department.

To ease your viewing experience, below are direct links to pages restricted to specific departments.

  1. admin
  2. critiques
  3. cross-language-runtimes
  4. DSL (Domain Specific Languages)
  5. fun
  6. functional
  7. general
  8. history
  9. implementation (language implementation techniques. GC, compilation etc.)
  10. LC (Lambda Calculus)
  11. logic/declarative
  12. Meta Programming New!
  13. Misc-Books
  14. object-functional (combining OOP and functional programming)
  15. OOP
  16. Python
  17. Software-Eng (programming language issues related to SE)
  18. teaching/learning
  19. theory
  20. xml (and other markup languages)


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