Infrastructure Announcement

Later today we will be upgrading the Drupal software used to run LtU, and migrating to a new server.

Hopefully, this move will ensure that we have fewer outages and better performance.

We will not be rolling out any major new features today, but the Drupal upgrade allows us to solve some of the problems you've all be complaining about, and we will be offering new features over time.

When we are stable again, and once we all have a chance to catch our breath, we'll get around to adding the Wiki component we've been dreaming about for some time (aka the LtU-opedia...).

The first step, however, is ensuring today's move goes according to plan. Anton is on the case, so we don't have a lot to worry about. If you experience any problems with LtU once the server move is complete, please let us know ASAP.

Be advised that for a short period of time posting to the site will be disabled.

Comment viewing options

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Posting disabled

Posting to the site is about to be disabled. I expect the switch to take an hour or so from the time of this comment. I'll post a comment here when the switch is complete.

Switch complete

The switch is complete. This message is posted only on the new site. If you see this message, you are accessing the new site.

If you notice any problems with the site, post here or email us.

"my recent posts"

A nice feature!
Makes tracking these old threads I am interested in much easier!

Comment subject lines

Another new feature that was previously requested is that the comment subject lines are now links, which makes it easier to copy a link to a comment for reference elsewhere.

Comment links in tracker

The comment links in the tracker don't work for me. For example the link to this post is
and this gets rewritten to

The comment line link is
which works fine.

Name truncation regression

User names are truncated to 20 characters again.

Names widened

Fixed. I forgot to comment that fix last time, so didn't find it when migrating.

this is happening for me too.

The message links in the tracker and in the user trackers have a "/view" in the path that is not correct.

Tracker comment links fixed

Thanks for the detailed report, which made it easy to fix. Should be fixed now.

Theme changes

The theme support changed between versions of Drupal. As a result, the theme named 'phptemplate' is no longer available, and anyone who was using it has had their account reset to use the default theme.

If you previously used the theme 'marvin_2k', you've been changed to use 'marvin', which is similar although perhaps not quite as pretty.

Note that the only theme which we "officially" support is the default one, 'ltu'. The others are "use at your own risk".

User names

It looks like we can't click on users' names to access their profile anymore.


This should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know. We were wondering what those strange "access denied" entries were doing in the logs... :)

It doesn't work if you're

It doesn't work if you're not logged in, though. Also, there seem to be something screwy with cache settings -- even though I'm logged in, I have to reload in order to see the pages as a logged in user.

OK, I've fixed the user

OK, I've fixed the user profiles so they're accessible even when you're not logged in. (They don't show email addresses, so I don't think there's a problem with that.)

The cache problem was something that I hoped might be fixed by the Drupal upgrade, but apparently not. I'll investigate it after the dust settles. I assume that page expiry is tied to whether the main content has changed, and doesn't take into account your login status.

Some posts have content missing

I was exploring the "my recent posts" page to see the amount of noise to ratio I was creating here and I noticed some code snippets missing. Here is an example:

TCO, Static Typing and Haskell: A Rant

Google's cache

AFAICS only code is missing, not actual comments.

[on edit] It seems that the content is still available when we click on "edit". But it doesn't appear on preview...

Quoting issues

It seems as though the HTML filtering is having a problem with angle brackets, so an arrow like <- needs to be written by quoting the angle bracket using &lt;. I'll look into a better solution - there's no need to edit old posts.


This is an obvious plot of Drupal creators to make it harder for us, Haskell lovers to post code examples in the world's greatest imperative language®.

So far so good

It seems we are stable, and that no one is experiencing major problems due to the upgrade. I am off to bed.

Kudos to Anton!

Status summary

Thanks Ehud, and thanks to our (tiny) crack team of alpha testers. (As for beta testers, if you're reading this message and you're not an alpha tester, then you're a beta tester! Thanks! :)

To summarize the current status: I believe all reported bugs have been fixed, except for one: some old messages don't display correctly because of HTML filtering. This will probably be fixed later on Monday.