Lambda Calculus In Java

Doea anyone knows a complete and good implementation of lambda calculus in (preferably) java? (I do not mean java byte-code, rather I mean java itself.)

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Is this really the best user name you could come up with? It's way longer than other user names, to no good effect. I'd appreciate it if you could change it to something shorter. Thanks.

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I'v tought my real name will apear under my post. Sorry. I fixed that.




There's an admin with a longer user name and of course this guy who keeps
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Having a long name is one

Having a long name is one thing, having a username such as ehud.lambda-the-ultimate is just plain silly. The member changed his account, and the problem was solved, so I don't see you point.

Jakarta Commons: Functor

Maybe the Jakarta Commons Functor project is worth a try.

some hints

This web page gives some hints:

(I like your last name :) )


Perhaps functionalJ might be worth a look: