Seeking thoughtful criticisms of functional programming and languages

I'm having zero luck with my Google and CiteSeerX searches.

I'm not looking for some particular language advocate's uninformed criticisms. Instead I'm looking for some at least potentially well grounded critiques based on, just for instance: implementation state of the art, performance or memory footprint, issues regarding separate compilation and link-times and so on for large, multi-developer programs, problem domain applicability, OS integration mismatch, feature/library immaturity of language designs to date, library interoperability difficulties, pedagogical issues (especially training of working programmers), debugging or other programming pragmatics issues, language implementation difficulty related issues, critique of one or more particular features commonly found in (some) functional languages and so forth, awkwardness of implementing/handling certain data structures or very common programming idioms/sub-problems, blah blah blah.

Just some ideas. I can't find much of anything so far.

Quality experience reports along the same lines would also be very welcome, perhaps even more interesting than critiques on more general principles and judgments.

Mucho thanks!